Our Floors

“I’m constantly amazed at the beautify and depth of color imparted by the wine onto the wood.
This handcrafted wood holds a piece of winemaking history.” ~ Rob Mondavi


Long before construction began on our Lowcountry home in Beaufort, SC, we diligently researched our wood flooring options. Our number one criterion for our flooring was that it must be reclaimed; it must come with a story. That was all our builder, Allen Patterson of Allen Patterson Residential, needed to know to direct us to Authentic Reclaimed Flooring. We were looking for a functional floor, full of life and character, which embodied our Napa Valley lifestyle and appreciation for sustainable living. Maintenance was also crucial since this was to be a vacation home for our family and friends and any time spent there too precious to be spent keeping the floors looking good and the oil finish by Authentic Reclaimed Flooring was the perfect solution. We immediately fell in love with the Old Crow wood and custom oil finish and we worked closely with them to create our dream floor. It was through this first flooring project that we established our Mondavi Home Collection.

Made from French oak and recycled from barrel-heads used in the production of wine, Rob hand selects the barrel-heads at the end of each harvest. Authentic Reclaimed Flooring then carefully dismantles and mills each wine cask into flooring. Zach McMurray, the owner of the Authentic Reclaimed Flooring company, reflects on the selection of the wood for this limited collection: “Mondavi personally selects wine casks with exceptional grain and rich color to create this rare oak barrel flooring.”


Mondavi's Choice


An obvious fit for Robert and Lydia’s coastal getaway in Beaufort, SC. Perfect for a quiet evening with the family or entertaining friends on a holiday weekend. Lydia first fell in love with the floor because it is produced from reclaimed heart pine salvaged from the Old Crow Distillery. The use of reclaimed materials is of the upmost importance to them in building their coastal home. Like their Chardonnay, the floor combines warmth and richness with a cool, refreshing feel.


Smokey Notes


Smokey: The subtle aroma of smoked-wood, which is often are a result of the wooden vats in which the wine is stored during production. Note: A subtle nuance of the wine (floor), not a dominating flavor but certainly commanding. Deep grayish-brown tones emend attention without stealing the spotlight from the gorgeous nature of the oak itself.


Late On The Vine


Grapes left on the vine past normal harvest time produces sweeter wine, with a bit more bite (higher alcohol content). What came from these inspirations is a wide plank oak floor brimming with warmth while keeping its bite with the bold lining and grain of the wood. Lydia describes the color as, “a deep brown reminiscent of a decommissioned whiskey barrel.”


Reserve Barrel


Produced from decommissioned wine casks, personally selected by Rob Mondavi Jr; each oak cask is carefully dismantled, by hand, and then milled into flooring. The Chardonnay barrels impart a naturally golden hue reminiscent of the wine itself; Cabernet Sauvignon barrels offer incredible depth and variety of the wine’s deep red color. Barrels are only decommissioned once per season, making this an extremely rare floor as we are only able to produce it when decommissioned barrels are available. We encourage you to call to secure your Mondavi Reserve Barrel floor today.